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Fazenda Gaúcha |405 E Pipeline RdBedfordTX76022 | (817) 786-8310
Fazenda Gaúcha
405 E Pipeline Rd
BedfordTX 76022

About Fazenda Gaúcha

About our Brazilian Steakhouse

At Fazenda Gaúcha, we take the classical tradition of "Churrascaria" and transform it into an authentic and memorable dining experience. We offer a quaint, intimate setting with our Brazilian buffet steakhouse that has a family-friendly atmosphere and a rustic vibe.

Since 2018, we’ve been serving up tantalizing lunch and dinner meals, carefully prepared with the highest-quality meats and ingredients for exquisite flavor. If you need an afternoon siesta, we understand. Our staff takes a break every weekday between 2-5 p.m. to ensure that they’ll be freshly prepared to serve you a fabulous dinner.

If you’re visiting us for the first time, you must try our specialties of Picanha and Alcatra. We feature a variety of Picanha offerings, Brazil’s most prized cut of meat that is cooked with a generous fat cap to produce an extremely rich flavor. You can enjoy this delicacy in traditional, Cajun, or garlic styles.

Our Alcatra skewers are grilled on an open-flame and are well-marbled, moist, and absolutely delicious. Be sure to try these wrapped in our crispy hardwood-smoked bacon. You are sure to love it!

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The History of Churrascaria

Early BeginningsBrazilian barbecue, or churrasco, was created in the 1800s by gaúchos, similar to American cowboys. They lived in rural areas with access to cattle, roasting beef on skewers over the fire to enhance its flavor and tenderness.
A Multi-Family AffairChurrasco was a communal event for gaúchos, who would prepare skewers of meat for their friends and family. Throughout the meal, they would continuously slice and serve slabs of beef for endless enjoyment throughout the evening.
Modernized TraditionsThis style of serving is known as rodízio and remains a popular method of serving churrasco at Brazilian steakhouses worldwide. The tradition has evolved to include a wide variety of meats, including chicken, pork, and lamb!

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